Data-Driven IoT Automation

Providing Smart Monitoring & Automated Solutions

kwik’s commerce intelligence IoT solutions detect and analyze

appliance usage to automatically reorder essentials


What is kwik

kwik is an end to end solution, making all processes automated - for brands, retailers, and appliance manufacturers. kwik’s uses innovative IoT sensors to detects machine movement, monitors operations and even automatically reorder items. 

By upgrading processes and actions from routine to usage-based, kwik generates actionable real-time data: kwik really is the future of automation.

kwik's products

kwik’s products turn any machine into a smart machine: whether it's from

the push of a button, or a smart sensor!

kwik auto-sense

kwik’s innovative usage-based solution, utilized either as a plug-in or embedded directly into machines and appliances: sensors detect when an action takes place - when a  trigger is activated or a supply is about to run out, and performs an action automatically - sends an alert, or orders a refill. kwik auto-sense ensures saved time and costs for service providers, as well as brand loyalty, repeat orders and a new way to drive sales for brands and retailers.

kwik one-push

Allowing consumers an easier way to order their favorite products, kwik’s one-push Button attaches to a device, allowing for repeat purchases at home or in the office - just from a push of a button! This allows brands to provide targeted promotions to consumers, as well as improve brand loyalty.

Why kwik?

kwik makes machines smarter: upgrading routine user actions to smart, usage-based ones, providing a whole new experience of efficiency and generating valuable data at the same time.


From automatic reordering of household goods, to replacing the need for expensive service industry operations and lower supply chain and delivery costs, kwik’s AI engine creates a synthesis between usage and purchase, routine and automation - generating actionable data with each and every process.


kwik provides easy and convenient reordering for consumers: they'll never run out of their favorite products again! kwik’s solution enables consumers to spend time on what matters to them - instead of wasting time on reordering, trips to the grocery store and last-minute restocking rushes.

Brands & Retailers

kwik helps brands and retailers to improve supply chain efficiency, dramatically lowering any delivery costs in the process while also boosting sales. kwik allows brands new, innovative ways to engage customers, ensuring higher retention rates and customer loyalty - as well as having access to valuable usage data!


kwik converts legacy and manual machines into upgraded, smart machines. Enabling connection with any ecommerce platform, retailer or brand, kwik activates machines to become their own commerce-driving devices. It offers a whole new automated revenue channel, providing a quicker, optimized process - as well as generating real-time product usage data.

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