kwik™ Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

kwik is an Amazon Dash Replenishment Service solution that connects devices to order physical goods from Amazon when supplies are running low. kwik has supported many device makers to launch DRS-enabled products to market.

One-time setup

Customers sign up to the DRS service while

setting up.

Usage is tracked

The kwik auto sense monitors its device’s

supply levels.

Automatic orders

kwik Auto Sense detects when supplies are running low, and reorders for you.

Fast delivery

Your customer receives replacement supplies

How does is work

There’s a whole host of benefits, including -

  • Easy and quick implementation

  • Proven ROI data

  • Ongoing technical support

  • Live dashboard for easy data tracking and analysis

  • Easy to use multi-device app interface

The kwik solution

It’s pretty simple:

  • Your kwik auto-replenishment sensor can be inserted/connected/integrated into any machine or device

  • The implanted/integrated/etc sensor detects when users activate the machine

  • The kwik sensor tracks the usage, tracking and calculating the current stock of associated supplies

  • When it runs low, the kwik sensor automatically places an order - allowing customers to receive a resupply before they even run out!

Launch your DRS device with kwik!

kwik’s seamless IoT reordering solution allows associated brands/services to add automatic reordering capabilities to existing devices - meaning consumers can experience a whole new level of convenience and ease.


kwik is DRS certified, and is able to integrate into any device, providing usage-based replenishment across products.

How does it Work

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