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kwik One-Push 
Getting Started –
Button Configuration
I Keep On Getting A Password Error In Wifi Setup Screen,
What Should I Do?
Press ‘show password’ and make sure the password you are trying to enter is
the correct one. Verify the Wi-Fi password  by attempting to connect with the
same password through a different device.
I Am Failing To Connect The Wireless Network To My Button.
Make sure your Wi-Fi is working properly. If your internet connection is not working
properly, disconnect your router for one minute and try again. Still having problems?
contact our support team, we will be glad to help you.
How Far Should The Kwik Button Be From My Wi-Fi Router?
The button should receive Wi-fi from the same distance as your smart phone.
To verify that your button will work, set the button up from the location that you
plan to finally place the button. To optimize your connection, try to be closer
than 20 feet away from the router.
I Can’t Find The Kwik Button Network On My Phone.
The name of the network will appear as Kwik_button_#######. The numbers
are the serial code on the back of your button. Wait a few seconds and this
network will appear. Click on it to continue.
I Have An Iphone And I Can’t Find The Wi-Fi Settings To
Connect To The Kwik_button Network?

make sure the button is blinking throughout the whole process and follow these steps:

  • Press the home

  • Go to your iphone settings

  • Click Wi-Fi settings.

  • Choose Kwik_Button network.

  • Return to the App.

Placing And
Cancelling Orders
How Do I Place An Order And What Do The Indicators Mean?

click the button to place an order. Here are the indicators you will receive:

  • Spinning lights- button is sending your order.

  • Success tone- order has been sent.

  • Failure tone- order did not register- try again.

  • Confirmation SMS- Info about your order and cancellation option.

Why Can’t I Find The Product I Want?

The product you are looking for may not be subscribed through our service.

You are welcome to contact us at We will try our best to

add this product to your Kwik order.

Why Am I Not Receiving A Confirmation Text Message?

sometimes it takes up to 2 minutes for a text message to arrive. If a text message

doesn’t arrive after 2 minutes, try to press again. If eventually, you receive more than

one text message then cancel one of the orders. If you are still having trouble contact

our support team, we will love to assist you with any problem.

How Do I Cancel My Order?

In the order confirmation text message you get, after placing the order,

you can click the ‘Cancel’ link and follow the instruction.

Need More Help? We Are Here For You

For any further questions, feel fry to contact our support team. Our goal is

to make your Kwik button experience as simple as possible.

  • Contact us on our toll-free number 1888 252 1666

  • Contact us via E-mail

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Placing And
Cancelling Orders