kwik Empowers IoT Automation, From End to End

Innovative Sensor Technology

kwik’s sensor can connect to any brand or retailer, making machines and appliances smart. From an external, integration-free device, to fully-embedded sensor and software solution, kwik provides the ability to automate actions whether they are for usage-based actions or services.


How it works

kwik’s IoT-powered automation solutions give service providers, brands, retailers and consumers exciting new ways to automate their worlds.


It’s an open source ecosystem: kwik’s open API is open to every brand and manufacturer, and every appliance. For service providers, brands and retailers, kwik’s turnkey solution allows for in-depth insights into consumer behavior and purchasing patterns.

An Entirely Customizable


kwik’s app contains everything needed to start, but can also be customized - manufacturers and brands can use it as a whitelabel app, adding in their own customizations, while brands and retailers can implement kwik’s innovative APIs into their existing apps.

Real-Time Insights Dashboard

kwik’s cloud services can work around your existing systems, including monitoring, recording, payment and delivery capabilities - it’s all easily integrated using API's.

kwik’s cutting-edge dashboard allows easy monitoring of processes and performance - it can even analyze usage data (for service providers, brands and retailers) and consumer purchasing habits (for brands and retailers).

Case studies

Laundry Care Industry

kwik’s seamless IoT integration is already in place with industry-leading providers, allowing consumers to save valuable time on ordering laundry detergent: kwik’s one-push solution means they never have to worry about reordering these products ever again! This is beneficial for brands, retailers and manufacturers too - who can now understand and analyze their consumer data like never before: thanks to kwik’s innovative platform, complete with data-driven analytics and cloud interface - they have a complete overview of real-time purchase behavior and enables  personalized usage-based engagement.


With  an average 80% user  retention rate and an  average conversion rate  of 70%, kwik’s solution results in a stronger brand-consumer relationship.

Food and Beverage Industry

Consumers nowadays are lacking for time, which is where Kwik comes in. Allowing for automatic repurchases of consumer’s favorite products - whether they be food and beverage staples or essentials - water, cleaning materials - Kwik will have it auto-replenished, when it needs to be.

Service Industry Automation

kwik removes the need for unnecessary, time-consuming user-based processes - by embedding kwik sensors into devices, usage-generated routines can be monitored, executed and retriggered from kwik’s own software platform. Just take kwik’s already successful innovation in the pest control industry, which has led to more efficient mouse traps: kwik’s solution automates the 30% of service costs spent on manual labor - such as setting and monitoring traps - and saves time and money. kwik’s IoT automation is simple, streamlined - and highly cost-effective.