Evgeni Mashkevich

Hardware and Embedded

Software Engineer

Evgeni has 8 years of extensive experience in both embedded software, hardware and wireless product development.

Shira Robas

Project Manager

Shira has 15 years of experience in the Advertising field, She is a Project Manager at kwik, developing a detailed project plan, that provides a flawless execution of the project.

Farid Abu-Salih

Head of Mobile Solutions

Farid has vast experience in both

embedded solutions while working at

Texas Instruments, and in software development from his time at Checkpoint.

David Raviv

Chief Architect

David has extensive experience in software development in varied technologies. He is leading the back end and web solutions.

Mor Nusbaum

Software Quality Manager

Mor has 8 years of experience as a testing engineer, with experience in Wi-Fi & networking environment. Leads the quality and testing in the company.

Michal Reisel

Personal Assistant and Administration Manager

Michal has 10 years of experience of leading sales in the USA. She is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the kwik office, including managing all administration, marcom and human resources functions.

Nisim Yohananov

Embedded Engineer

Nisim is an electrical engineer, he has extensive experience in embedded systems, medical devices and digital changeover units.

Adnan Jamal

QA Engineer

Adnan has vast experience as a testing engineer, especially mobile and server testing. with wide knowledge of full stack web development.

Kobi Levy

Product Manager

Koby has 4 years of experience as a Product Manager from leading mobile and web companies. He is a versatile technologist with high technical, business and analytical skills. Passionate about making creative vision into reality.

Michal Shtofman

Customer Success Manager

Michal is an advertising and marketing professional with 10 years of brand and customer management experience for global clients. Based in New-York, Michal manages Kwik’s customer relations, leads strategic operations processes and promotes business development plans.